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November 13, 2009
By ethan russell BRONZE, Kent, Washington
ethan russell BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Smack! Crack! Boom! He breaks one for an 87 yard touchdown. I first watched football in 2004 when the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Oakland raiders. I spotted him right there priest Holmes the running back for the chiefs. He played 12 years pro, he inspired me by the way he played with intensity, hard work, and running hard. I play football for the kentlake Falcon’s High school which had a 6-3 record last year.

In 2006 priest Holmes took a devastating hit which crushed a disk in his spine. He sat in injured reserve for 2 years then he made a come back in 2008 and he wasn’t the same he decided the best and retired with a happy career. To watch the game in real life and play would be a privilege and a dream.

You may ask why it would be a privilege. Well I think to be able to go pro is a big accomplishment and would be fun to be paid to play football and love to play too. The thing that is so great about priest Holmes is that he tries to show people what you can do when you work hard and don’t give up. I will always look at the jersey of priest Holmes I got and say that’s my hero and will make me try harder.

In all 12 years of playing his 2005 season was the best season he had he rushed for over 4000 yards with 26 touchdowns. He will be inducted in the hall of fame one day and when he does I could say I seen him play and that’s my hero and keep that’s jersey of his to remind me.

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it means alot to me

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