Super Parents

November 13, 2009
I know I have only lived for 15 years, but there are 2 people who have changed my life completely. Everyone has these 2 people in their lives, I know I do! So who are my heroes? My parents are my heroes. Raising 7 children and loosing 2, is not easy, but they never complain. My life was messed up in 8th grade and 9th grade, but I’ve always had my parents by my side. Even when you think your parents would curse you out, punish you, or any other way, they don’t do that for the wrong reason. Complaining I would think is what they would do, but they treat us all the same and support us in every way. I know and feel that it is very hard and frustrating for them to support 7 kids at the same time, but image 9! Education was their key to being successful. They couldn’t have it where they were from, but they don’t want us to be like them. I’m proud to say that my parents are my everything, even when I feel that they are not, they made me.

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