My Hero

November 13, 2009
By , Kent, WA
I think the person I admire most as my hero in my life is my dad, Ian Zentner. There are many things about him that I admire and respect, as well as many things about him that I hope to be someday. He seems to always have an open mind, he’s very smart, he’s caring to everyone around him, and he is always trying to better himself.
One of the reasons I think he has a very open mind is that if he knows he doesn’t know much about a new subject, he’s willing to take advice to learn more about it. Another thing is he never backs down from what he believes is right, and is always very firm on his beliefs. If you have a different opinion than him, he would want to talk and discuss about the two ideas, but I think he would always listen to both sides of the argument. Also, I feel he will still accept that person, even if the beliefs don’t match.
Also, he’s smart in many subjects, and not just school smarts either. He seems to always have somewhat of an idea about what the discussion is about, and if he doesn’t he would quickly find out more about it and join right in. He is also smart in just everyday things, like car problems, or computer problems. He also seems almost a little philosophical, because even though he is not that old, he seems to have a pretty good idea of how people and the world work. Another thing is he seems to know the answer to every single joke on Popsicle sticks, which bugs me to no end.
He’s also very caring. And not only to his family, it’s to his friends, and other people he thinks might need some help. If it’s his family, he would do anything he could to help them. He also always seems to be trying to better himself in all aspects of his life, which I really respect from him. Whether its trying to learn more about a certain subject, or just trying to fix something around the house, once he starts in on something, he usually doesn’t stop working and thinking about that until its finished.
These are just a few traits of my dad that I admire, and while there are many more, more than I could ever even begin to describe, I think these are the ones that are most important to me in my life. I really look up to and appreciate my dad for everything he’s done for me. He is major figure and role model in my life.

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