A hero in my life

November 12, 2009
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A hero in my life is my dad because he is always there for me. My dad is my hero because when I need help he helps me as much as he can. Also when I am down he always finds a way to pick me up. Always supports me in what I do from football to dirt biking. My dad is always there beside me when I try new things or when I need help. He has been at every football game there has been this year to support the team even if we lose the game he tells me that we will beat the next team we play.

He has helped me buy my first truck and get it running by replacing the oil filter, gas and oil pump. We also replaced the spark plug wires and spark plugs. Now we are beating out and filling in the dents and sanding it, and getting it ready to paint so it looks a lot better, and runs better. We are going to paint it white with a blue strip down the side. He stands by my side when I am working on my truck and shows me how to repair it and fixes the mistakes that I make and explains to me what was wrong. Like when I was putting the oil pump I had it in the tank weird so he pulled it out and showed me the right way to put it on, and how to check to see if it’s right.

Also he was the one who showed me how to ride a dirt bike when I was six years old, on my Honda XR50 .And goes riding with me today at our cabin in Cle Elum, where we ride all over the place like we go to Ellensburg and Wenatchee. We have also gone riding in the Juniper dunes and in Yakima. And helps me repair my bike when I break it, like the time I was wheeling my bike down the road when I hit a big rock and ripped my muffler off. We go snowmobiling in the winter, and he shows me different trails to get on so you go further and to different places so that not every ride is the same. He also shows me the trails so when I am older I can take other people on rides to those places and know how to get there and back. My dad and I also go out and look for new hills to climb, and see who can get up to the top first, and see who is the fastest.

The reason I chose my dad for my hero is that we do mostly every thing together, and we always have fun. Another reason is that he teaches me so much about how to repair my dirt bike and snowmobile. Also he shows me and helps me fix up my truck so when I get my license I have a functional truck to haul my dirt bike and snowmobile places so I can ride. And its also fun just going out and riding somewhere with him on some trails, to the top of a hill so you over look everything and you shut off your bike and the whole world is quite. That is the coolest thing in the world, and I hope we will always be able to do something together. Because there is nothing cooler than that.

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