King Arthur

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I think a true hero is made through his or her actions. A hero can be a man or women that can go into the line of duty and make it happen. It doesn’t madder if it’s a fictional hero such as superman, or a real person such as a firefighter. Both of them put their own lives in jeopardy to save others. And if a person is able to put their own life at risk, no madder who it is, to save another life they are a true “hero”. That is why I chose King Arthur to write about in my paper.

King Arthur is the perfect example of a “hero” because he is willing to give his life for his people no madder what. He does many things that prove him worthy. Such as slaying a dragon, pulling Excalibur from the rock and many other things that is thought to be impossible by his people. It has nothing to do with magical powers either. He just has the spirit and will power to find a way to get it done. That is what makes him a “hero”.

When evil arises he, even though being the King and all, is the first one to suit up and rush into battle. That requires serious courage to do that. Wouldn’t that be great if we had a president or leader like that? Ha-ha not going to happen.
King Arthur had the strength and honor to lead his people to any victory. This shows he is a true “hero”. He walks through all his problems with pride. He brings a new definition to the saying “no fear”. He was a true leader as well as a hero.
Even though King Arthur is a fictional leader, the idea of him was impressive. There are some people in the world like him. These “King Arthurs” make the world a better place for us everyday and without them life would be a hell of a lot harder then it is now. That’s what a “hero” is to me.

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