My dad

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Life can be cruel to people; unfortunately forty-three year old David is no exception. David was born April 10th 1966 into a unique but loving family. This doesn’t seem all too bad but as he grew up various medical problems struck, adding difficulty to his life. Throughout the years he has dealt with countless family feuds. Most of this might make a usual person want to give up but he keeps on going. Although life chose to be unfair; he lives it the way he wants with the complications.

David, my father is my personal hero; even if others think he isn’t one. Early on in David’s life he was diagnosed with diabetes. Also around this time in his childhood he lost an eye. Even with these complications he lived life to the fullest; even after losing an eye he still got his driver’s license. Of course his diabetes and other medical problems stopped him from joining the military or doing strenuous activities like sports. Although he wasn’t able to play sports with me much when I was younger but we still had fun together.

Now he didn’t have a “perfect” family while growing up but then again does anybody? He was born into a family with three other boys and two girls. His sisters were different then most, sadly one was deaf while the other became obsessed with religion as she grew up. When he was around twenty years old he went to the Philippines to meet his pen pal. Most of her family hated him because they wanted her to marry somebody in the Philippines. This didn’t stop him either though because that woman is now my mom. He taught me that love can conquer many difficulties.

All the medical problems may make life difficult for my dad and his family but we get along just fine. He has a loving wife, me and three dogs. As I said before though he lives his life how he wants. My dad and I often go archery shooting or we fix our go carts and mini bikes so we can ride them together or sell them. Life throws challenges at people often; they just need to learn how to cope like my father has.

I admire my dad because he takes whatever life throws at him and carries on. I believe life has made him the way he is: brave, determined, and loving. I doubt I’d be able to keep going if life was so hard on me but who knows, I’d have a wonderful role model to help me. He has said a lot of things to me which I take to my heart such as “life is sometimes going to be hard but you just have to keep on going.” I love my dad and I always will because he’s my hero.

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