My Hero

November 12, 2009
By , kent, WA
Do you have a hero in your life? I have an amazing hero. My hero is my mother! I have plenty of reasons why she is my hero. First she does everything for everyone including me, she feeds me and keeps me from starvation, and she is always a person to talk to.
First, my mother does everything for me. For example, I forgot to bring my play station three over to my friend Jacobs, so she brought it to me within 10 minutes. She helps out whenever people need her. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. She’s my hero.
Second, she keeps me from starvation. Whenever I get the munchies and we have no food in the house we go to the store and buy a bunch of food. She asks me what I want, so I take the cart and I get what ever looks good. When I go to the store I am always hungry so I get anything that looks good at the time. When we get to the cashier it rings up to be about $300.00.
Third, my mom is always a person to talk to. She likes to know what’s wrong with you when you’re down. She cheers me up whenever I’m down. She talks to who ever needs to talk and get there minds off things. For example I was angry with myself one day and I felt like no body wanted me to live… so I almost killed myself that night, but my mom talked me out of it.
We all know we all have heroes in our lives. Even if you don’t know it yet you will eventually find one. Think about who’s always there for you and keeps you out of trouble. Also, think about who helps you get somewhere in life. Think long and hard. This is why my mom is my hero.

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