how a person becomes a hero

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

A hero is a person who makes the split decision to forego his/her own safety for the greater good of others. A real hero has integrity, altruism, courage, love, and inner strength.
I think a hero can be everyone in my opinion in the middle ages heroes were strong and brave that fought for their king in great battles but today a hero can also be almost everyone who helps others people deliberately. He doesn’t have to save someone’s life or prevent a robbery.
I think firefighters are heroes, they risk their own life to save other people, but a friend can be also a hero, a friend who stands by your side when you are distress who listens to you and cares about you. A hero is someone who fights for a noble cause a person distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and strength when a person is in need. By definition anyone can be a hero, a hero usually an ordinary person that did something for others.
A true hero is really never a hero at all, at least not in their mind. It is not toughness and fortitude that makes one a hero is humility and rising to the occasion and doing what he/her thinks is right it is rising to meet the call of that moment like that fireman who disregards his own life to rush in and save a child in a burning house he does not think of himself as a hero not real hero does it, he just thinks of himself as an ordinary man who has an opportunity to serve. The one defining features of all heroes is that they are brave self sacrifice for the good humanity rather than for their own self centered interests.
A hero doesn’t care of how people look or where they come fro, he only cares about their safety, anyone ca be a hero they only need to nice to people or help them they don’t need to have super powers or be strong that only happens in movies in our real world heroes are people that are willing to serve and don’t get something in changes. Heroes are people that can make someone’s day. To me that’s how heroes are in our world.

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