My mom is a hero

November 12, 2009
If somebody inquired about whom I consider as a hero in my life, I will respond immediately that is my mom. My mom would be a hero because she is the most caring person, the one who always be by my side whenever I get into trouble, and an individual that directs me to the right path of living.

My mom is the most caring person. I remembered when I was little and got sick; she took good care of me. My mom didn’t go to work in the morning because she couldn’t bear leaving me unaccompanied at home, especially when I was ill. At nighttime, she couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night to watch me and check my temperatures. When I went to school, she always thought of her daughter and concerned about me. For example, she often called my teacher to ask how I was doing. My mom just wanted to make sure that I will be alright. Therefore, my mom will always be the most caring person to me and nobody can change that.

In addition, my mom would also be the one who will always be by my side when I get into trouble. For example, whenever I have problems in school such as not understanding my homework, she would try her best to help me understand what to do. Sometimes, she would stay up late to assist me with huge school projects. She also has been there for me when I was heartbroken. For instant, when I was in middle school, some of my friends abandoned me; I felt very sad and wounded inside. I thought my world was falling apart, but my mom helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel by giving me advices that life moves on and I will make better friends.

Moreover, my mom directs me to the right path of living. She informs me to study hard in school to get a bright future. My mom encourages me never to give up my goals but try my best to achieve them. She also tells me what is right and wrong. For example, she teaches me to treat everyone nicely and don’t hate or revenge those who make me feel bad. She also tells me to help others and forgive the ones who might have hurt me.
Over all, I consider my mom as a hero. She is like a superwoman who would always be there to help others who are in need. Nevertheless, she is an amazing person in my life. My mom not only always cares for me, but she also will be by my side whenever I get into trouble, and she is a person that guides me to the right path of living.

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