My Hero

November 12, 2009
What do you think qualifies a person as a hero? I believe a hero is someone that is brave, someone that has been through good and bad times, and someone that isn’t afraid to make sacrifices in order to improve another’s life. These traits are very hard to come by in a person, but I believe my mom has earned the right to be called a hero.

The first trait I mentioned was that of bravery. Being brave can be difficult, but braveness is defined by me as; when someone is met with a great problem, one that has the odds stacked against them. My mom has broken down this barrier to get my sister and I to where we are now. Without my mom I don’t know what I would do.

My family has been in very deep emotional lows, but my mom managed to hold us together like glue. It really seemed as if things were going to be pulled from beneath our feet. I truly didn’t think there was any way out, but we made it, thanks to my mom.

Sacrifice, something that is very difficult to do in the economic downward spiral, we have all fallen into. My mom didn’t really care about this factor, she continued helping others. My mom’s job was to provide housing for homeless families, at her job at a non-profit organization. She also helped throw holiday parties for those families so the children did get a Christmas or any other big holiday. My mom cares for everyone.

It takes quite a bit of work to be called a hero by me, but I definitely think my mom deserves to be called a hero even though she might not possess super powers like flight or laser vision. However she does possess a few heroic traits like bravery, being through it all, and is willing to make sacrifices for others. My mom is a hero in my eyes.

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