November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you have a hero? Well I do. My hero is a super hero. FLASH. He’s a super her that’s made up. But he means well. He fights crime and he’s my hero because I wish I was really fast just like him
My hero is flash. Flash is a super hero that fights crime.hes a good guy hero that uses his powers for good and good only. When I was younger I used to watch flash all the time. His show was called justice league. His power is that he can run super duper fast all the time. He could make a tornado he runs so fast. His costume is like a lightning bolt. If I had powers like him id be a evil Villon. If I had his powers id be the evil flash. But with those powers id probably race people all the time just to win all the time. I think flash should have been on the Olympics, then he would be the fastest guy in the world. But I like flash because he saves the day and he fights crime everyday and all day.
I think flash is the coolest super hero of all time. But flash has to where a skin tight little suit so I don’t think I’m going to be a hero like him for a long time. But I still look up to him.

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