November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

He can glide at super-sonic speeds, punch through tanks, and his shoulders can kill six people. He can soar into space, bench press 10 tons, and has designed weapons that have never before been thought of. This guy sounds like a real super hero to me. Ironman is far from not being a super hero. Many people think that because he doesn’t have real superpowers or a true arch enemy, that it makes him a fraud. I highly disagree. He helps save lives, can fly, has super strength, and everything else a “real” superhero can do.

Ironman saves lives just like any other superhero. So why do people say he isn’t a true superhero? Probably because he doesn’t have “real” superpowers and is just a regular guy in a super exoskeleton, but that suit can do anything a real superhero could do. Yeah, maybe it can’t shoot talk to fish, turn into sand, but it has its own special qualities. He can fly faster than a fighter jet; shoot lasers, missiles, bullets, and even his foot. Which many superheros can’t do. And he can lift as almost weight as he wants to whenever he wants to. Sounds a lot like superman, just without the underwear on the outside of his spandex.

Almost every superhero saves lives or helps people, Ironman does both. He’s kills terrorist, beats up muggers, and gets old ladies handbags back, (because those always seem to get stolen). He is a superhero because he helps society and tries to make the world a better place for everyone on it.

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