How a person becomes a hero

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

How does a person become a hero? Well, first of all what is a hero? A hero can be many things, but mostly a hero is brave, courageous, noble, and a good role model. Basically anyone can be a hero, as long as they are good to the community. A hero always stands up and fights for what is right. He does not hesitate to do something good. Hero’s have been known through out history for being courageous warriors. They were always showing how good would always triumph over bad (evil). A hero doesn’t have to have special powers, it can be an ordinary every day person. For example, back in the mid-evil era there were stories of how nights would risk everything to slay dragons. All they had was just armor, a sword, and a shield. Those aren’t super powers and yet, they still triumph.

Some people now and days think that in order to be a hero you have to have a cape and suppose ably a cool costume. What good is that, just having a cool costume. Anybody can go out and buy a cool looking costume and not do anything. Then when its time to show what your made of. You get scared, and why is that? Because you’re not a hero if you just try to dress up and try to be cool. So what if you don’t have it, that doesn’t mean anything. A hero is not judged by how they look or dress. They are judged by their actions what they actually do for people.

The way a person becomes a hero is actually not that difficult. They become very responsible, because they want to be good role models to the community and for other people. A hero always puts their lives on the line. They risk their own life to safe the lives of others. You step up what I mean by step up is they become brave in extremely brave in very difficult moments. You don’t stand up for what you think is right. You stand up for what you know is right. A hero treats everybody the same because they are respectful after all we are all human. So that makes everybody alike in many ways. But there are those who get treated better. They are the ones that help others when help is needed, they risk their lives for us. Because they became hero’s to the people and the society. a hero never cares what other people may think of him/her. They are noble people that just want to do something good for somebody. They are loyal to their society and they a tremendously huge heart. They can have very little stuff, they don’t care they worry more about doing good deeds. They worry about others when they need help. That’s what makes a hero so special to people. They are generous and not greedy, and people need to look up to some body.

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