Batman, My Hero

November 12, 2009
He’s tall, wears a mask that sends a chill that oozes down your spine, has a cape as dark as the night, trained to fight with deadly accuracy with a utility belt holding any thing he would ever need to bring vile criminals to there knee’s of sweet lady justice. But most of all he isn’t just a hero he’s my hero, our hero. You may be asking yourself “whom is he talking about??” Well none other than the amazing, courageous, life threatening, bone crushing, BATMAN!!!!!!

You see our young hero Bruce Wayne (batman’s secret identity) was born into a very wealthy family that owned Wayne industries. Wayne industries made almost every building in gothem (his home city) and they were corporate geniuses, they take inventions and market them to better their city and the world. Thus they created their empire. But because they were wealthy they bought this beautiful home as elegant and gracious as you could imagine. One day as he was playing with the neighbor’s daughter and he ran over this old boarded up well. All of a sudden he dropped to the bottom and as he looked around bats came out of every direction. Screaming to the top of his lungs, making horrible screeching noises that would shatter a man’s spirit. Soon after all the bats fly out, Alfred climbs down with a rope around his waist, picks Bruce up, and they pull him to safety. But that’s not the worst of his problems. The next day his parents try to make him feel better (after the whole bat incident) by taking him to a play. Well after the play his mom and dad are walking with him and out of the darkness a robber comes out and shoots both his parents. Then, all of a sudden Bruce wakes up. Realizing he was seeing a traumatic event in his past as I dream. He looks around being in a prison cell and sees he has a visitor. (For some reason in the movie they do not explain how he got there, probably because they couldn’t make up a good enough reason). His name is William, and he tells Bruce that he wants to train to control his fears and anger, and to join his secret fighting school. So realizing its better than staying there, he goes off to this remote mountain (somewhere in Asia). The breeze throws cold snow at them and everywhere they look it’s a desolate white wasteland. Finally Bruce gets to the school and is welcomed in. he takes a well day’s rest and starts his training in the morning. Know no one really knows how long he stayed in the Asian/ Korean prison (because they never said) or how long he stayed at the school. But what I do know is that everyday he trained. They taught him how to wield every weapon under the sun. Plus how to survive in the most extreme conditions and pretty much how to get out of any situation. Know that his training is done; he goes off back to gothem. Soon finding out that no one but their beloved butler Alfred was left to take care of the house. Bruce realizes that he wanted to become a hero for his city. So he uses money and inventions from Wayne industries. (and a continently big and perfect placed cave that could be used as a lair right underneath his house). He becomes gothem cities savior. For many days and many nights (mostly nights) batman has been cleaning the streets of gothem. Even though he has created a somewhat better place, people are not convinced he is really doing a good job. So to prove himself he goes off to search for the ruthless, maniacal, cruel villain, The Scarecrow. The Scarecrow uses a gas that if digested, inhaled, or even sprayed onto the body, causes crazed hallucinations of someone’s darkest fears. Batman remembered what his dad said to him in that ally way right before he died. “son……one day you will grow stronger inside…..and you…will have to save the city for the people…and you”. Finally realized that it was his duty to save gothem from any danger that faced him. So one night he finds out that Scarecrow plans on poisoning gothem’s water supply. If he succeeds there is no tell of what devastation he could bring. So thinking quick on his feet batman goes to the largest water purification plant. As he scopes around the building he find these large trucks backing up in the plant. He goes to the top of the roof and see’s scarecrow. Then he busts into the plant and is surrounded by dozens of men armed with metal chains to guns. But batman isn’t afraid he takes them out one by one just kicking them to the ground till all that’s left is the Scarecrow. Batman looks back and he sees the Scarecrow right behind him and “bam!!”, sprays batman with his hallucination gas. Batman looks up and starts so see bats and darkness all around. It seems that batman is done for. But then he hears his fathers voice saying, “Bruce…you must save the city”. Batman gets back up on his feet and walks to the Scarecrow, turns him around and socks him right there in the face. Later that day you se the Scarecrow tied up in front of the police station with nothing but a little batman symbol. Batman has saved the city and proven to him and the people of gothem that he is the dark night. This is why know batman is not just the greatest hero for me, but for you as well.

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