My Hero That guides me

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I have hero who wears carhartt’s and cowboy boots every day no matter wear he is at you see him in the crowd. He might sound like he is a red neck well he is, but he is the one that has been guiding me all my life. My hero is my dad, other people call him Jerry or his nick name is Bear. Everyone has a hero in their life. It may be made up or it is a real life hero. There are many heroes in the world that I could have chosen, but out of all the hero in the world I would choose my dad in a heart beat! There are many reasons my dad is my hero he has been guiding me my whole life, he is caring, and hard working. These are all of my reasons why.

First of all my dad has been with me my whole life. He showed me right from wrong. I have been looking up to my dad all my life. My dad taught me how to ride a bike, showed me how to tie my shoes, and the most important thing was he taught me that in life you don’t just glide by to get what you want. You have to work hard and put effort into it to earn it. In life there are many hard times and my dad has been with me every step of the way. My dad was there for me when my grandpa was really sick and my family was leaving for Disneyland. The day we were leaving for Disneyland my grandpa had passed away and we had never got the chance to say goodbye. He told my dad to make sure we go to Disneyland and have a good time. He didn’t tell my brother, sister and I he had passed until we were in Disneyland because he knew we wouldn’t go! He was there for us at a hard time and he is still there everyday and every step we take!

My dad is many things, but most of all he is caring. Like when my dad taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels. He held on to the back of the bike so I stayed up and got my balance. Than when I got even more confident about my riding my bike I decided to ride down the hill that had a curve in it and at the curve was a bunch of sticker bushes. I rode down the hill and I crashed in the sticker bushes and I screamed so loud that the entire neighborhood could hear my scream, but of course my dad was the first one there to help me. Let’s just say I learned my lesson I wasn’t ready for the hill! My dad was the first one to get me whenever I got hurt and well it’s me that’s a lot. He is so caring because he is always there for me when I am hurt or in trouble. Then there are many people that look to him for help when they need it. The one word my dad never says when someone asks for help is No. There are times when they offer money for his help, but my dad never takes it. He says you help someone because it’s the right thing to do not because you want the reward. That is what a caring person does; they help because help is needed not because they want a reward.

The last reason why my dad is my hero is he is a hard worker. It does not matter if he is hurt or not he is always working. My dad had carpel tunnel surgery and even though the doctor told him not to be doing any lifting or anything with his hand, he still did. If my dad is in pain while he is working he does not stop at all he always gets the job done! There is no time you don’t see him not moving and not working on one of his projects. He is a superhero and a Non- stop worker!

This is why my dad is my hero. He taught me everything; he is caring, and hard working. There are many other reasons he is my hero, but these are the top ones. I am always going to look up to my dad. My dad is my role model and my hero. I am glad to call him my hero, but what makes it even better I get to call him dad!

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