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November 12, 2009
By Bill Billson BRONZE, Silent Hill, West Virginia
Bill Billson BRONZE, Silent Hill, West Virginia
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I do believe it is safe to say that I have more than one hero. To be quite honest, my close family members, such as my parents and grandparents, are the most influential people in my life. I mean, there are other important people like friends and such, but I think my family matters most when it comes to teaching me things. My parents inspire me to work harder and to do what makes me happy. I think heroes are important to have.
My parents are my key to success. I love and respect them more than they know. And even though they divorced when I was young, they still manage to raise me well. As an only child, I have the opportunity to get their full attention, which is nice. Even after my mom divorced, she is still as strong—or stronger—than ever. I’ve witnessed her build and rebuild her career and life with great success, which I find can be inspiring to anyone.
My dad also has great strength. He was diagnosed with a rare and bad form of arthritis that fuses his muscles, making his being a mechanic difficult—you’d think. But even so, my dad continues build and repairing car after car. I know he’s trying his best to fight the disease and move on every day. He helps to show me that anyone can be strong and fight on.
Another important family member whom I look up to is my grandma. She is kind and generous and up for anything. She teaches me a number of things from cooking to sewing and is extremely helpful. I’m glad I can see her every day, unlike most people who only see their grandparents rarely.
Friends are a necessity. They can also be a good (or bad) influence, depending on who you’re hanging out with. My best friends teach me not to worry about what others think. We love going to anime conventions, walking around Seattle, or just talking in a cold garage. I think the highlights of our times together are when we remember some kind of inside joke and just proceed to randomly state it and laugh for minutes at a time. It’s really great when you can enjoy someone’s company as much as we do. My friends understand me, and that’s all I really need from them. But they continue to give me so much more. I love learning from them.
So all in all, I have a few heroes, not just one. The reason these people are heroes and are special to me is because they’ve made such an impact in my life. I think that if you have a lot of heroes, you can have many people to look up to and learn from, resulting into a better you. I respect all my heroes and am proud to call them such a name.

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