Jackie robinson

November 12, 2009
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To me Jackie Robinson is a good person at heart. He played a big roll when it came to defending African Americans. He was the first African American to play in a professional sport and a pro baseball team.
When he was a little child he played and enjoyed life like everyone else. There were four older siblings he had so he was a tough kid. He had been born in Cairo Georgia and had graduated from Dakota. While he was in school he was involved in sports like baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and the track team, he was a very athletic person. He liked to be involved in school activities.
When he was on the professional baseball team everyone didn’t know what to think, no one wanted to talk to him or go near him. It was hard to find someone who would accept him as a player seriously.
Some of the accomplishments that he had overcome was that he had been drafted into the U.S. army and was inducted into UCLA’s Hall of Fame on June 10th . After that he got an award for most valuable player. He earned a position of vice president of community relations at chock Full o nuts serving until 1964. He served as a spokesperson and fundraised for the NAACP. He was also inducted into the baseball hall of fame on July 23rd. the most important was breaking the color burrier and his number had been famous.
He is a hero because he brought African Americans into playing sports and he was a better player then anyone else. He was a hall of famer, which had shown that African Americans deserve to play like everyone else.

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