What Makes A Hero

November 12, 2009
By , Covington, WA
A person becomes a hero by doing good; or by doing good deeds by going out of their own way to help someone. By helping others without something in exchange, you can be a hero to that person. They also always do what is right. Follow the rules and laws.

Some times they have sidekicks. Some of the super heroes have capes. Super heroes have disguises most of the time so that people don’t know who they really are. Some super heroes have powers some do not have super powers but they are still considered heroes.

Normal everyday heroes do not have super powers and they don’t have sidekicks either. They also do not have disguises because they do not do it for a living. But instead the ones that do it for a living instead of having costumes they have uniforms. Like cops, doctors, firefighters, and the armed forces. But they are still considered heroes just like super heroes are considered heroes. People like cops, doctors, firefighters, and the armed forces are considered heroes because they help people without wanting something in return.

Anyone can be a hero because heroes are people that do not steal, lie, cheat, or hurt others on purpose and they do not break the law. Firefighters help people by saving people that are stuck in cars that were in a car crash or they help people when a burning building falls down and you or someone is stuck inside they will go in after you or someone to look and see if they can find you and any others that are survivors and that can be saved.

Doctors help people by saving their life’s if they are dying. They also will help people from getting sick or if you or someone else has a broken bones they can put it in a cast if you or someone else. If you or someone has a sprain they can go ahead and put that in a splint so that it can heal correctly and not be deformed and still continue to grow properly. To me that makes a hero.

Cops are heroes also because they help keep the streets and city’s safe and clean for us all to live in and drive on. They help keep the crime rate down so that we do not have to worry as much about thievery, people that like to murder other people, or people that mug people for money or whatever and get away with it as much as we would have to if the cops did not keep the crime rate down. They make it a nicer and better place for everyone to live in. If we did not have all of these heroes there would be a lot more people getting hurt, being trapped, getting mugged, or getting robed.

The last hero that wears a uniform that I can think of is the people that are or that have served in the armed forces. These people go and fight for what they believe to be right so that we can remain safe and live the same way that we are living now. These brave people risk their lives for everyone that is back home. These men and women risk their lives every day so that we are safe. They go and risk their lives without wanting something in return so that they can help us that are safe at home to remain safe. To me that makes a hero. If we did not have all of these heroes this world would be a very painful and sorrowful world to live in. I know that I am happy to live somewhere where we have all of these heroes to help us and keep us safe.

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