"My Hero"

November 12, 2009
The hero I have chosen to write about has made more people hold at complete attention for a little over 2 hours than I will in my entire life. This man (though imagined) is none other than Forrest Gump. My reasoning is that He has accomplished so much in his life, from being a slow child from Alabama, to a war hero, and then a national ping-pong champion.
I chose Forrest because I see his story as being so inspiring. He has done great things even while being slowed down by some mental disability, which never stopped him from being a remarkable human being. Although most of the heroism Forrest showed, may have been accidental most of the time doesn’t change the fact that he is a hero. Actually I see that because of the good he had done were based on chance, makes me come to a conclusion that Forrest being heroic is something that naturally happens just from him being who he is. This is the main reason why I see Forrest as being an extraordinary example of a hero.
Forrest also knew true pain by going through the death of his mother and the love of his life, Jenny. Who were both killed by being infected with separate diseases. I hope that I would never have to go through either of those scenarios in my life. Not saying I don’t want to out live my parents, just when that time comes losing my mother or father will be an extremely tragic event, which I will have to go through like anyone before me.
Getting back on topic, Forrest has never been known to be cocky or full of himself in any way, and has always been polite and courteous whenever possible. He would also help anyone who was in need of it, despite of who it was or the task at hand. Forrest would do the favor without the slightest bit of question or self gain. I believe that modesty and the ability to feel sympathetic for someone else because of past experiences are both key features in any hero. As I’ve said before this is why I see Forrest Gump as being an understandable example of a hero just as much as any other of the many true heroes that have and haven’t been recognized through the young life of the human race.

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