My Hero

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

When I imagine a hero I think of someone who is strong, brave, and has super powers. But my hero is weak, a coward, and has dimples. My hero is my big sister Aeradea. The reason why Aeradea is my hero is because she is always there, and because she keeps me out of trouble with my parents and everyone else.

Aeradea is 16 and I am 15, but we are in the same grade, since we started kindergarten at the same time. Everyone at school believes that we are twins; they think that we are supposed to be alike and think alike, but we are nothing similar. Aeradea is mature, laid back and simple, I am not very mature, loud and frisky. We don’t even like the same foods, Aeradea hates potatoes, popcorn, and veggies, I will eat any thing, I love food. Even though my sister and I are in the same grade, I still look up to her as an older sister.

Aeradea is a hero to me because she keeps me out of trouble with my parents. I get really mad easily and she knows how to calm me down. Aeradea always reminds me of who my parents are because I tend to forget, I can be very disrespectful. She always tells me to be nice because, apparently I don’t know when I am being mean. One thing I love most is that Aeradea always warns me when I am about to be in trouble with my parents, so I can hurry and try to fix what I did wrong, because in my family if you did something wrong or bad, you are going to pay for your consequences.

I am happy that Aeradea and I are this close, because a lot of people don’t get a long with their siblings. Also I am grateful to have a good remodel in my life. Aeradea will always be there for me if I need her, I am glad I can depend on her. I love Aeradea very much and I am lucky to have such a great older sister.

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on Nov. 29 2009 at 9:58 am
selena butler, Covington, Washington
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really good!!!!!!!!

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