A Hero:

November 12, 2009
By , Kent, WA
Everybody needs a hero. They can be friends, family, or even a famous person. People look up to heroes for inspiration and motivation or they help bring people through the hard times in life. To me this person is actually two people, my parents.

Throughout the years I have seen my parents working hard day by day. Even though I know they might not enjoy their jobs too much I know they do it to support their family. And that keeps them motivated to keep it up. I look up to my parents also for the fact that they have always stayed strong and never given up. To me it shows that if you keep your hope up even through the hardest of times, that you can pull through and in time things will get better.

Some of my most missed memories are from when I was younger and my mom would take my brothers and I camping. There was one time where we all wanted to go to Disneyland, but we weren’t able to take a plane. So, my mom drove all of us to California, it took almost a week because we would stop at hotels at night. When we got there we stayed at a hotel Disneyland for about three days; then we went to Universal Studios. Even though I was only five, I still remember most of the trip. As my brothers and I got older she would take us camping every once in awhile. I appreciated her going though all that trouble so that we would have a good time. Overall, I think that everybody has a hero and that there could be more than one person that looks up to you also.

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