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November 12, 2009
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My mom is the ultimate role model, hard worker, nurturing mother, and loving girlfriend. For me, just school leaves me dragging into front door and plopping down on the couch, but when school ends the second half of her day has just started. My mom is my hero because she puts others before herself and never settles for second best.
“If it’s not done well, it’s not worth doing at all.” These words have been drilled into my brain before I could even talk. My mom lives by this rule, and uses it with everything she does. At 4:00am, her alarm goes off. She rolls out of bed, gets descent, and kisses me goodbye. She is off to work where she will have a million patients tugging her every which way. At 7:00am, it is my turn. When 4th period comes around, we both have 30 minutes of peace. I’m thinking, “Yes, only two more periods and I am out of here!” Unfortunately, she is stuck in her jail for six more hours. When she finally comes home at 5:30 pm, she is ready to pass out. Nope, time to make dinner! She whips up something delicious in minutes and lays down to rest. All this vigorous work for her hard-earned pay, and she spends it mostly on my sisters and I. I could not begin to imagine working so hard for my money, and not even rewarding my self with it. But that is just how my mother is. She loves putting others before herself.

Sometimes, the little things you do for people are the things that mean the most. Everyday, I will open my purse at school, and find bagged chocolates, baby tomatoes, and a granola bar, all my favorites. Things like this let me know she really cares. I remember a week in elementary school where she would leave me notes about things she has learned and things that make her smile. “Always watch a sunset,” or, “Confidence is key,” they would say. She must have known I would listen because I still remember today. On days my mom does not work, I will come home to find her sitting at the kitchen counter, with a hot plate of food next to her waiting for me. My friends always want to come over to my house because the say she cooks the bests meals. There are some days where I can not think of a way to thank her for all she does for me on a daily bases.

No amount of school can add up to how much I have learned form my mother. She carries herself with pose and confidence, and takes every situation maturely. She teaches me to act like a lady, but also to never be afraid to reach for the stars ad never settle for less. Sporadically, I will get a call from her right after school. “Let’s go shopping! I’m outside!” she’ll say. I know this is just an excuse to get a little girl talk in, and to get caught up in my life and how I am feeling. She will ask me about boys, school and friends, and will go on about how I should kill them with kindness and to never let myself cry over a boy. I let her talk because I know she is just trying to be a good parent, and I know I will be an exceptional parent as well if I follow in her footsteps.

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