My Hero

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

What do you consider a hero? Is it someone who can fly? Has super strength? Or can melt things with their heat vision? Or is it someone you look up to? In this case yes, my hero is someone I look up to. A big shot I admire and envy very much: my little sister. Unlike most super hero stories; with unusual circumstances, traumatic events, and huge adventurous journeys… my hero is a bit simpler than that.

Of course were sisters, and I’m the oldest! (More power to me.) Which means I get the fun role of picking on the little one. Bossing her around, and having more responsibility and privileges. Or so I thought. My hero on the other hand is probably just as much, if not more responsible than I am. She defiantly is the bigger person. Never putting up with mine, let along anyone else's crap, and geez! This girl can stick up with herself. In my eyes this girl is amazing.

I guess like most super heroes, they do have to have some sort of secret weapon. Hers is the element of surprise. My hero is sneaky, and is always lurking when you think she’s not. Boy does it suck, having an oh so very annoying little sister. Always watching your ever move, just waiting for you to screw up, so she can tell on you. Yeahhhh, it defiantly sucks having her around, but it’s also a plus. Constantly putting her nose where it doesn’t belong has saved my butt so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve recently learned to realize having a younger, more responsible sister makes me one of the luckiest girls alive! Not only does my hero bust me for my own good, this young one takes care of me. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve been sick, hurt, injured or just plain lazy and ha! This sweet sibling O’ mine is always the first to rush to my side and take care of me. My hero is outgoing.

Time and time again, I think I really take my sister for granted. She has proved to me several times that she is worthy of all the respect I have. Yet, I still don’t give it up. I mean of course we fight, that comes with the territory of having a 15 and 13 year old living under the same roof. But HEY! She starts it! My hero drives me crazy. She always seems to find the smallest thing that annoys me and goes at it until I snap. (What I dumb idea) I think the fact that she wants to stick around, agitating me to the point where I smack her in the back of the head, proves that this girl has courage! Haha It seems like she sits in her room practicing, plotting, and scheming her next move. Continuously thinking of harsh come-backs, to shoot back at me in the mince of all our arguments. My hero is a feisty one. I’d love to say she learned from the best: ME!(: But I can’t take credit for all of her own well done, hard work. My hero is independent.

Being the oldest I am a terrible role model. I don’t have half the guts she does, or the endless amount of super powers to make a difference in people’s lives. From my perspective this girl is pretty much invincible. Putting up with every ones bull. Taking care of me in my time of need. Always watching my back, and of course that devious, scheming mind of hers. My hero may be simple, but what she doesn’t know is I envy her more than anyone. I look up to her in so many ways. And she inspires me daily. My hero has no flaws; she is everything I wish I could be. Respectful, appreciative, loving, and so well liked. She is carefree, daring, and extremely smart on her toes. And although I’d never admit any of this to her face… I love my hero. And her name is Rachel.

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