My dad is my hero

November 12, 2009
By Thao Mai BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Thao Mai BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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What makes a person a hero? A person would consider as a hero when he or she willing to always put others first. Other qualities of a hero include suffering and sacrificing themselves to better the lives of others. To me, ever since I was born in this world, my dad would be my hero not only because he places his family first, but also sacrifices himself for his children and suffers intensively for the family’s well being.
My dad is a wonderful person who would always put others first. Flashing back to the old days, I remembered my family was in a difficult situation where we only have an old bicycle from my grandmother as transportation. Because of my mom’s poor health condition, my dad always took her to work with that old bicycle. Even though my father was exhausted after a long commute to my mother’s job, he still rushed home to take care of his kids. One day, he faced a fierce storm while getting home and I noticed rain soaked through his clothes. At that moment, I burst in tears, but on my dad’s wet, slender face wreathed in smiles.

Besides putting others first, my dad also sacrifices himself for the sake of his children. When my family had a chance to come to America, although he didn’t want to go, he still encouraged the family to leave the country when realized that the best opportunity for their children is to study in America. Then on April 10, 2007, our family boarded a plane to our new home in Washington State. It was a heartbreaking time for my dad when he had to leave his family and close friends behind. However, he tried to hide his emotion, because in his heart, he knows that he has to sacrifice his life for his children.
In addition, my dad has been suffering a lot for the family’s well being. After we came to America, my dad worked very hard to find money to support the family. Even though he didn’t know much English, he still tried to find a job. He started working as a lawn mower and the hot weather often burned his skin. Then my dad accepted the graveyard shift working very late at night as a window maker to earn extra money for the family since my mom is unemployed. Because of this, he often didn’t get much sleep and he lost weight from working so hard. However, he never complaint, but always encouraged my siblings and I to study hard and not worry about money. He didn’t even make us find a job so that we could focus on school.

In conclusion, my dad is my hero. I love him very much. He is not only willing to put others first, but also doesn’t mind suffering, as well as sacrificing for the sake of others, especially for his family. Without him in my life, I wouldn’t be here today. I will try my best to study hard to repay his love. I’ll never let him down because I want him to be proud of me.

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