My Hero

November 12, 2009
My dad is a hero to me because he always helps me whenever I need help, and never lets me down. My dad grew up in the bad part of Sanjose, California, where you had to be carful of what street you walked on, because there where many gangs. My dad and aunt were very poor and could not always get the things that they needed. But my dad had a very strong love for art. He went to six years of art school and later got a graphic designing job at Microsoft. Even though I am not very good at art and I do not even really enjoy it that much my dad is still my hero.

My dad dose not mind helping me and any one ells who needs help. Whenever I need help with my home work my dad is always the first to stop whatever he is doing and help me, even when he dose not really understand it. He dose the same thing with both of my sisters. Home work is not the only my dad helps me with, he helps me with driving. A lot of the time my dad will take me to old parking lots and let me take the wheel. He lets me know what I am doing the Wright way and what I am doing the wrong way, like if I don’t use my signals, and he always tells me the rules of the road.

My dad puts others in front of him self all the time. He would rather buy stuff for my sister and I that we need for school and sports than stuff that he needs. He is always very caring. Whenever there is not enough dinner for the five of us, he always gives up his portion and let someone have it and he finds something ells to eat. He always teaches me how to treat people with respect to. Like not yell at my parents or any one ells who is an adult, even if I am right and they are wrong, he teaches me to be kind and patient with them. My dad has always taut me to work hard and give one hundred percent at every thing I do. If I do something half hearted and the wrong way just because I was being lazy, he will make me do it over again.

My dad takes me fishing a lot to. Some times he even buys my fishing license for me to. He buys all the right things for fishing to, even stinky salmon eggs. Whenever there is nothing to do, my dad will gather up all our fish supplies, load up the cooler with food and drinks and we will get in the car and go to a lake and go fishing. If my fishing rod gets broken or tangled wail we are fishing he will let me use his wail he fixes mine. Even though we do not catch any thing that often he still takes me a lot, and he knows how to cook fish really good to.
My dad always doses the right thing to. He dose the right thing even if it is not good for him. Whenever my dad makes a decision that I do not agree with and it makes me mad I later realize that I was being rood and that my dad was right. Whenever I do something bad and he p[punishes me it helps me not do it again. He just always know what to do and knows how to fix every thing to. He knows how to make every one happy and not mad and he always sticks up for me and my sisters. I guess what I am trying to say is that you don’t need supper strength and you don’t need to be able to fly in order to be someone’s hero. You just need to be your self and you need to be kind hearted just like my dad, he can’t fly and he dose not have supper strength but he is still my hero.

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