My Hero

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

There are many people in the world you could consider heroes, but my parents are my heroes. My parents realize the struggles other people face, and try to help them. They aren’t afraid to put others first. My mom and my dad own an adult family home that takes care of old people and people that have a mental problem in our house in Tacoma. My parents are friendly, and they care about others. Even though my parents have struggles in their own lives, they overcame their struggles. This is the reason why I chose my mom and dad as my heroes.

I think my mom and dad are heroes, because they care about other people. When I had an asthma attack, they weren’t hesitant to rush me to the hospital. When I busted my head open while I was playing on the monkey bars on Guam, they rushed me to the hospital. Or the time when my little brother got very sick, they took days off of work to take care of him. My parents felt that they could help the world by opening the adult family home, so that’s what they did.

My parents are also heroes because they have survived many struggles. The time we were in California, and had little money, we found a way to survive. In Torrance, California we used to live in a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment. My mom was taking classes for her nursing. The school would pay her rent so my mom had to work another job so we could have food, while my dad took care of me and my brother. My dad would take us everywhere he would go, so we wouldn’t miss him.

My dad came to America to get a start for us in life. He moved to Connecticut to get a job and buy an apartment. Then a year later my mom, my brother, and I moved with him from Guam. They have always put us first. In the toughest of times we were their first priority, so this is the main reason why my parents are my heroes.

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