November 10, 2009
By archie BRONZE, Kent, Washington
archie BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

My hero for my whole life could be anybody in my family, but I picked one special person that has inspired me for my whole life, my dad. I have always looked up to him. Even when we have our differences, we don’t let them go to far and we forgive each other and move on. My dad is helpful and I respect him a lot.

The reason he is my hero is because he is good with people, especially with my family and he is very humorous. He is always helpful in school when I need help and also out of school when I need advice on something. My dad always gives me pointers. He also helps me with sports.

My dad has coached me in baseball since I was 3 years old. Also, I play football and he doesn’t coach me, but he helps me if I’m doing something wrong. My dad made it to double a minor league baseball and that has given me a goal since I started playing to get to the level that my dad did or higher. The reason he didn’t get to a higher level was because he blew his knee out and could not play sports anymore, but that just makes me want to get there even more.

My dad has been a great dad, still is a great dad, and always will be my hero. No matter what happens he will always be my hero.

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