My Sister Jenay

November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

A hero is a person you can believe in. A person who is there for you. Heroes are courageous. I chose my little sister, Jenay, as my hero because she never lets me down.

Jenay is a great hero because she’s there for me and my family. When she was about 3 she saved our old house from burning down. She spotted smoke coming through the garage door. If it weren’t for her we might not be alive and our old house wouldn’t be there. Jenay was only a toddler and she saved our family, that shows a great hero from a young age.

Most of the time Jenay is braver than I am, even though she is younger. For example, I hate spiders, but if Jenay is with me and I notice one she’ll kill it for me. She also stands up for herself better than I do. She’s never afraid to speak her mind. Bravery is an important thing in a hero.

Jenay is also a great friend to me, we don’t fight often. We’ve been best friends since Jenay could talk. When we were little we’d always amuse with Barbie Dolls, when we got older we’d video games together or help each other with games and we still do today. Just over the summer we decided to start a band with our next door neighbor, Matthew. We can’t really play a song yet but we’re learning. In the band I play the guitar and sing, Jenay plays bass and sings, and Matthew plays the drums. It’s important to have a friendship with your hero because it builds trust and it’s good to get along with your hero.

Finally, Jenay is my hero because I can trust her. I can tell her anything and I know it’s safe with her. I know that she will never make fun of me, unless she’s joking. She is there for me, she’ll stand up for me and I’ll stand up for her. The most important thing in a hero is trust, because if can’t trust them then they shouldn’t be your hero.

Jenay is the best hero I could have. She is there for me and my family. She is very brave. She’s my best friend. Lastly, she is very trustworthy. I think Jenay makes a great hero.

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