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November 10, 2009
By savannah oneal BRONZE, Covington, Washington
savannah oneal BRONZE, Covington, Washington
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My hero is Alyssa Benson. She has been my friend for over three years, she’s been my best friend or hero for a little less then 3 years. We have tons of great memories of our past, like our 1 vs.1 whipped cream fight. Or our summer night trip to the wood with Teddy and Carlos, it wasn’t so much fun with him cause he kept scaring us for no reason.

Alyssa’s personality is extremely similar to my personality. This is why we get along so well and have real fun. Then yet, we are so different from one another. In some ways I don’t understand. And others that are easy to understand like we have different favorite foods. Minor things can make people so different.

Alyssa can probably be a lot of other people hero. She’s funny and a bit strange, quit and shy at first, but people don’t give her a chance to express who she really is. Their loss.

Then, there’s a bad side to everyone. She can be moody and careless at times, hard to say. Everyone has their own flaws to deal with. Some want to know about them and change, and like Alyssa she can’t take the criticism of someone explaining to her about her flaws. But that’s just her.

One of my favorite things about Alyssa is her taste in the music we both like her and I both like metal and rock so whenever she finds a new band I for sure check them out! She introduced to my current favorite metal band Children of Bodom the bassist Henkka Seppala inspired me to play the bass last year. It was awesome to see them live on October 6. She and I were going crazy hearing them play.

I remember the good days in summer when Alyssa, teddy, and me would do the soos creek on a warm day, nice warm air with a cool breeze from the shade of the trees. Sometimes we would go to shells and get these “pie thingies” and eat them behind this random building next to shells.

There’s a million and more reason why Alyssa is my hero, but it can’t be explained.

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