Hero of my life

November 10, 2009
Different people have different view of the world, and things in the world, which means everyone has different requirements for a hero. The hero of my life is my mom; she always was and always will be. Being the best mom in the whole world makes her a hero, and her actions lead her to a hero too.

To me she had always been beautiful and even though she is getting older with everyday she is still beautiful to me. I think that her beauty to makes her a hero. The requirements that I have from my point of view have a requirement for the hero to be pretty. With the requirements that I have she is definitely a hero with that characteristic. I believe that to other people she is looking beautiful too. Over the years I think her beauty increased instead of decrease of the age.

The hero of my life is also smart. She always has an answer to every question you ever ask her. Also she is a really good planner. When ever we needed some planning in the past our family had always asked my hero to help. Mom is smart because she had raised 3 of us. I have one older sister and one younger brother. I think to raise three children you have to be smart. So she is super smart and I always thank her for what she had ever done for me.

Another characteristic my hero was supposed to have from my point of view was to be good at something that can never change or go away. And my hero has this gift. Her gift is cooking. My hero cooks the best food ever. I had been to many restaurants and many parties where food was involved. My opinion was that their food was never and probably never will be as good as my mom’s food. Mom makes really good food. If I could I would eat it the entire time non stop but I can’t. So every time I eat some I enjoy every little piece. Her food is always delicious. One day I would want to cook as well as she does.

Another reason that she is a hero to me is because she sets a really good example for me in the family. She is one important family that I remember her actions. Because one day I would want to be as good mom as she is. I have younger brother and everyday I look at him and mom how she talks and does everything for him. What I see is unbelievable. I strongly wish that when I will have my own kids I will have as much love and patience like she does. Sometimes I can’t even believe that a mom can have that much love to her kids. That fact makes her a big and very real hero to me.

Thanks to my hero and mom at the same time I am here on earth that I am. Who I am these days is all thanks to her. I will never forget what she had ever done for me and she will always be my hero and I will never forget her actions and her love to me.

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