The Limitless Fighter

October 30, 2009
By cynicalpinnacle BRONZE, Fountain Valley, California
cynicalpinnacle BRONZE, Fountain Valley, California
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In May of last year, my Grandma Carole was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It was just as surprising for her to hear this news from the doctor as it was for me to hear it from her. The doctor explained that the serious form of lung cancer that she has, had metastasized to her liver… and that if she wants to live, immediate action must take place.

Considering that my extended family is ridden with disagreement and divorce, my grandma and I are exceptionally close. Until this cancer struck, I do not ever remember seeing her so joyful. She had always been a workaholic, living in a constantly stressful environment. Her life has totally transformed from being an unpleased, negative lady, to being a very positive, happy-go-lucky person. It is safe to say that she is now cherishing every single day.

Before she was diagnosed, she always went dancing at clubs. Due to her sweet hobby, I took much pride in calling her “rockin’ grandma.” Since she is quite a bit younger than most other grandparents, she still understands what is rad (to a certain extent). I’ve always done my best to play around and support the fact that she dances and has a good time. Obviously, because of the intense side effects of chemo therapy, she is no longer dancing… but, she has taken on a new role.

Grams is now the largest source of inspiration in my life. I doubt that she realizes this, but being a part of her life, is blessing my life tremendously. Many grandchildren would probably take for granted the fact that their grandma wants to take time out of her schedule to spend with them; I sure don’t. From the small talks, to the serious ones, I value every second of our time together. She has taught me how to keep a positive attitude, even when the odds are stacked so highly against me. The amount of commitment alone that she has shown while fighting off this cancer is a true feat in itself.

Just a couple weeks ago, my mom received a call from her. As soon as the grin was wiped from my mom’s face, I knew something was wrong. My grandma, who just recently turned 66, is now battling another obstacle. Her new target: brain cancer. I honestly don’t know where she musters up her strength and determination from, but I do know that she isn’t planning on losing anytime soon.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve grasped a truly priceless lesson. It has rooted itself deeper than anything I have ever learned from the education system. When the time eventually comes that her days do run dry, the heroic model of fighting until the very end that my grandma has displayed will forever be instilled in my heart.

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