My Sister Kala.

October 15, 2009
Have you ever felt love? True love. Not all of the falseness people make it out to be. But the true feeling you witness deep in your heart. When you can look up at someone, knowing in your heart, how much they care, and when they look back up at you and you see it in there eyes. I finally realized how true it can be. My sister, Kala, showed it too me. I never even knew she was out there. I didn’t know her from the day I was born. Never even heard of her. Until the year I turned 12 years old. I met her in May, and stayed at her house for days and even weeks at a time. To it getting to the point that I literally lived there, and she became my sister. She showed me a new beginning, taught me how to change myself, to be something stronger then I ever was. She showed me how to live. She helped me change my life, I helped her change hers too. We’d spend countless summer nights outside on her tramp, wrestling each other, at the pool, flirting with dumb boys, or just sitting next to each other not saying one word, but loving every minute of it. We needed each other; we were part of each other’s heart. We couldn’t remember life with out each other. I knew deep inside of me that I loved her and nothing could ever change that; we would never let anything change that. She saved me, from myself. I had this monster in my head that I couldn’t get rid off. She changed that. She helped me. Together, we were unstoppable. We didn’t care what people thought of us, because we were happy. And that meant more then anything else. It was the first time I could actually say that I was happy. We weren’t alone anymore. Days we weren’t together just wasn’t a completed day. We realized that you can change someone’s life just by loving them. You didn’t need to try, it would just come naturally. It was always harder with her being two years older then me though, but it never seemed to stop us. We hardly ever noticed. Other people always thought it was wrong though. “She’s too old for you.” “That’s just too weird.” I always got told. But they just didn’t understand. But I never questioned it. And never in my life will I. Kala is my hero. We are always going to have each other, and we both know that. I haven’t seen her for a while, but I’m sure it won’t stop us. We’ll be back to our old ways soon. And we both can’t wait. Even if it takes time. We’ll always be sisters.

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