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October 30, 2009
By Brandon Boccellari BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
Brandon Boccellari BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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When you hear someone talk about the United States Armed Forces, usually the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force are mentioned. It is true that they are major components of our military, but there is another branch that is often overlooked. Yes, I’m talking about the Coast Guard. They are huge contributors to the defense of our glorious nation and do not get the credit they deserve.

I was guilty of overlooking the all-important Coast Guard – until last October, when I attended a college fair. Many colleges had set up booths for students to stop by and learn more. Being a determined kid, I was on a mission to collect as much free college merchandise as possible – pens, key chains, etc. So, while carrying out this mission, I spotted a bottle insulator with the Coast Guard insignia on it, and I knew I had to have it.

When I went up to the booth to get it, a representative from the Coast Guard Academy started telling me about the school. I was initially uninterested, but I had to listen to fulfill my mission. But as he talked, the Coast Guard became more and more fascinating to me. By the time he had finished and asked if I had any questions, I was captivated by all the functions that the Coast Guard performs, and had completely forgotten about the insulator. From that night on, I had a newfound respect for the Coast Guard.

There are many services that the members of Coast Guard provide. They are primarily a search and rescue force, but also a response center. They mainly deal with the country’s coastal areas, although sometimes they work in international waters, because they have jurisdiction in domestic and international waters. From time to time, they deal with illegal aliens and seaward terrorist attacks. The Coast Guard have many responsibilities.

The Coast Guard motto is “Semper Paratus,” which means to “Always Prepared.” And on Jan. 15, 2009, the Coast Guard had the opportunity to demonstrate this. An airplane flying out of La Guardia Airport in New York was forced to land in the Hudson River. Because the Coast Guard is “always prepared,” they rushed to the scene to help. As a result, all 155 passengers were saved without major injuries.

So, the next time someone talks about the United States Armed Forces, ­remember that the Coast Guard is a vital component.

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Honour SILVER said...
on Oct. 27 2012 at 3:58 pm
Honour SILVER, New London, Connecticut
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  Alright so, I have to agree with SGT. on the uniform, it's a Marine's uniform and the person in the photo is obviously not military because of his hair cut and missing belt.       However the picture doesn't detract from the written article.  The article is good, becuase the USCG doesn't always get the atention it deserves.  It has some pretty cool missions as you've said, and I've considered it a career choice myself(Though I'd rather be a Marine).  The Coast Gaurd is super cool, because it is like teh law enforcement of the sea, and it does search and rescue.  :D  Thank you for sharing this article with us.     ~Honor

SgtUSMC8541 said...
on Dec. 15 2010 at 2:19 pm

Two quick comments.  First off, I hope that is not you in the picture.  Although the salute is correct, I have an issue with you or whoever that is wearing the uniform of the United States Marine Corps.  The Uniform is incorrect in that it is missing the belt.  Not to mention that unlike our sister services, Marines do NOT salute when not wearing a cover. I will leave the haircut alone. 

Now on to the Coast Guard.  You are correct in that they do not receive enough attention and credit for what they do.  Formerly (Pre 9/11) they were part of the Department of Transportation except during time of war.  They are now part of the Department Of Homeland Security.  Not only to they provide search and rescue off the coast of the United States, but they also deploy to Iraq and the Middle East to provide maritime security.

joemamma said...
on Nov. 23 2010 at 9:47 am
Pretty awesome that the picture is of some dude wearing a U.S. Marine uniform.  You couldn't find a Coastie uniform for your "Don't forget about the Coast Guard" article?  Boo.

workingman said...
on Nov. 2 2009 at 11:39 pm
It's a shame that servicemembers have to die before they are recognized. USCG ships have been deploying alongside US Navy units to theater locations, because someone has to enforce international rules of navigation before shots are fired. Let's see what other aspects of the parade we are watching going by before we get caught again recalculating the number of caskets that need to be transfered.

Steve-O said...
on Nov. 2 2009 at 1:08 pm
Absolutely! The Coast Guard performs it job everyday, whether in time of peace or war. The USCG does, however, deploy overseas (Iraq, etc.) to secure Navy portsand US interests. But they save someone's butt everyday. Watch the movie The Guardian! :-)


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