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October 20, 2009
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My memory button

My memory button belong to Rosa Bonilla, my grandmother on my father's side. My grandmother was the most happy and generous woman I have ever know. She give a kiss in the front head to all her grandchild whenever we came to visit her. She always have food for as so we can eat, she sacrifice because she don't have a lot of money.

Grandmother lived in small house close to the lake in El Salvador. She could usually find in the garden planting new flowers. She like to care of her flowers, she love the flower. My grandmother always have a purple sweater with her. Grandmother wear the sweater when she go outside of the house.

My strongest memory of my grandmother occurred on winter
when I saw her plating new flower. Grandmother favorite flower was the roses she love the roses. I love saw my grandmother taking care of the flower and she have that pretty sweater with her. Grandmother told me I going to tell a secret, I love my flowers special the roses, and I going to give you the most beautiful roses don't tell no one, this have to be in secret.

When my parent decided to bring me her to United Stated.
My grandmother snipped the button from that old sweater. Grandmother told me with this button with you going to remember me always keep this button with you. When I looked at the button I think of m grandmother plating new roses in her garden. Each time I hold the button I remember of my grandmother that is far away for me.

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