October 3, 2009
By stephanie<3grace BRONZE, Chipley, Florida
stephanie<3grace BRONZE, Chipley, Florida
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Even though things are headed one way, be prepared for them to flip course and go the opposite way, because, trust me, it will happen.

Everyone thinks that heroes are older than the person that holds them on the pedastol, and in most cases, that might be true, but in this case it's not. My hero is six and I'm fifteen. She's the sweetest person I've ever known and she's definately someone I will look up to for the rest of my life. My six-year-old hero is blind from cancer, cancer that is drying up now. I bet most of you are wondering how that makes her my hero, well... it doesn't, she's my hero because of how she dealt with all of the stuff she's been through because of cancer. She always smiles and she always laughs, she never seems to comprehend the fact that we expect her the be sad and crying from all of that crap. She knows that God has got His hand on her, and that someday, she'll get better. And, that day has finally come, her parents were told last week that her tumor has started drying out from the outside, she's my little miracle baby. Gabi seems to know that she's my hero, because when I'm at my worst on a Wednesday at church, she'll ask her mom to let her talk to me. I think she knows that it always brightens my day, I love her to death. Gabi has always been a source of power for me, everytime I'm around her. She's made me laugh when I could get a frown off my face otherwise. I love her more and more each day, and I will until the day I die.

The author's comments:
This is about my hero, a six year old cancer patient. She's been talked about by Tim Tebow on Media Day and her mom and dad are awesome people that love God with all their hearts.

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