My Great Grandparents

August 23, 2009
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My great grand parents .Not too long did I get to know these two inspirational people. Even though their footsteps may have been washed away by time, I will find the will to search for them and be inspired. They were a beautiful couple, and from what I remember, sweet as can be. They raised their 4 children on Abe Street. A neighborhood that’s old Slovakian history is a smudge in the book of time. From what my grandma describes, it was a lovely place to live. Small children would scurry about. Some children even put on their own fake weddings and get all dressed up. No mothers drove anywhere. You could get into the movies for 13 cents. Times have changed, and now all I wish is that I got to know them better. Some people didn’t ever meet their great grandparents. Let alone grandparents. Some people might think of their great grandparent as just people who happen to be related to them, and don’t care. How can I not care about someone who is part of me?

My great grand father could write beautiful pieces. He could draw beautiful works of art with only a pencil and his skilled, callused hands. He could sing with a strong uplifting voice. He could even dance.

My great grandmother was so sweet. She would cook the best Slovakian food. She also had a beautiful voice. She could dance with grandpa.

No matter what challenge was thrown upon them, they trusted in God/. They prayed a full rosary and went to mass every day. After my great grandpa died, his wife would wake up at 4 in the morning and say “Is it time for Mass?”

I was 7 when my great grand-father died. He was 92. Great Grandma died 4 years later. It’s hard to believe they’re gone, but I know that they are up there, inspiring me, helping me follow in their footsteps.

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