May 8, 2009
By Anonymous

In the course of a person’s life, that person will cross a significant amount of people; however, one of these people will drastically make that someone a better person. The person who has the ability to inspire someone else’s life may be looked upon as a hero. It does not take superpowers to be a hero, but there are unmistakable qualities that show throughout that person. These qualities leave a lasting impression on our lives. There have been many people in my life who have helped me to grow, but the one person I admire most is Tiffany D.

One quality of Tiffany that I admire is her strong belief in loyalty. Tiffany displays total dedication to God when she remained chaste until her wedding. This shows loyalty to both God and her husband. This sort of loyalty says so much about both her will and her beliefs. Another example of her loyalty is when she held me up through a time where trust between friends failed leaving me to feel betrayal. She stopped everything she was doing to make sure I was okay. She talked me through some of my worst experiences, and I could not thank her enough. Her loyalty towards me taught me that one smile could brighten someone else’s day and that loyalty can help someone along the way.

Another quality that stands out is Tiffany’s constant positive outlook. When her brother was arrested, it was an emotional roller coaster for her because he would most likely miss her wedding. Even though the chance of that happening was high, she kept faith with her positive thoughts and the wish that her brother could be there at such an important step in her life. Her belief in him made him stronger and gave him a reason to be positive as well. As for my experience, she taught me how to be positive during the rough times. After the hurricane, I struggled to find any sort of a positive out coming, negativity clouded my head and suppressed my hopes. Yet she helped me see that being positive would make living more enjoyable. She also taught me that being positive is contagious. When she looked at me and saw positive meaning in me, I started to see it in myself as well. Positivism is key for happiness, with a positive attitude accomplishments become much more.

One last quality that is hard to miss in Tiffany is her sense of compassion. I have personally cried to her on numerous occasions, and she was always waiting with open arms. I could feel she truly cared in her voice, and I know she sincerely felt for me. Her compassion towards events in my life created a comfort zone in her. I know I can trust her with anything, and she will listen without judgment. This quality also ties in with the others. Her compassion is a part of her everyday attitude. She lives her life not only for herself but for everyone she grows with. Her care is genuine and truly a blessing.

Tiffany Durr has pushed me through the toughest parts of my life. My admiration for her grows with the size of her heart. Her loyalty towards me motivates me. Her positivism gives me strength. Finally, her compassion carries me onward. No matter how strong a person believes he or she may be, everyone needs and deserves a hero of his or her own.

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