I Learned From His Death

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Most people learn from the life their father lives but I learned from the death of my father. It may not be the most amusing way to learn or the most pleasant thing to learn from but he helped me understand a lot of things. I, being only two when he passed away learned a lot from that experience. He taught me to stay strong even when everything goes wrong. Also, he taught me to treat everyone with respect no matter how much you don’t like them. Amazingly he showed me that I should talk to someone when I need help with someone or something.

One lesson I really learned from him would be to stay strong even when everything goes wrong. He unfortunaly killed him self and I noticed how bad it hurt a lot of people including me. I would never want to hurt myself, my family and my closet friends. From this, I learned that even when you think your life couldn’t get any worse and that you’re the most hated person that God will always be on your side. The reason he killed him self was because his girlfriend left him. Apparently, he was in love but there is nothing that could possible happen to me to make me want to kill myself. My father was not a weak person; he just didn’t know how to let out his emotions.

Another lesson he taught me would be to respect everyone even if you don’t like him. My father’s girlfriend didn’t respect him and she left. I honestly think that if she would have been nice and tried to work out her problems with him, that he would still be alive to this day. Now, I never disrespect someone because I know that it can cause suicide. A girl that went to Lloyd killed her self because she was being bullied in school. Everyone deserves respect; no matter what they have done in their past. My father was not respected by everyone. Most people thought he was crazy and didn’t deserve to live.

The last but not least lesson that I learned from his death would be to talk to people when I need help with something or I have a problem with someone. Since my father didn’t tell anyone about the suicidal thought he was having, he didn’t have anyone there to help him. All of his anger built up and I think he didn’t have the courage to tell anyone that he didn’t want to live. It is a horrible thing to think about knowing that if he just talked to one person that it could have saved him. I think everyone deserves to be helped and everyone should help people that need help or ask for it.

He helped me get through many things in my life and his death also helped me realize a lot of things. Even though he is not with me today, he still has a huge impact on my life today. He showed me that with help from your friends, family and God you can get through anything.

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Rena said...
on Sep. 8 2009 at 5:46 pm
Beautifully written and heartfelt! You exude a maturity and wisdom usually takes a lifetime to acquire. I think you are going to have a lot of joy in your life.

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