My Hero:

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

My hero is my Aunt Viola. I have various reasons why she is my hero. Some reasons are that she is a all around good person and she is in independent woman who doesn’t need anyone and she works a lot for what she works a lot for what she has.

She puts up with my Uncle John, her nonworking boyfriend for her kids because he is their dad. Even now she helps all of her kids out even though they are grown adults. She is there for them no matter what.

Another reason is that when I was five years old she took me in because my mom needed to get back on her feet and she couldn’t take care of me and my brother at the time. She even helps us out now event though she is struggling herself with bills and other things she has to take care of. These are my reasons why my Aunt Viola is my hero.

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