George Washington

May 8, 2009
By Anonymous

My hero is George Washington. He stood up for what he believed in, freedom and liberty, and accepted the role of the commander and chief of the army of the United States of America. Going into the war, I am sure that everyone knew that Americans did not have the upper hand in battle. After all, the British referred to them as farmers with pitchforks. With no supplies and weapons an army does not last too long, but the Americans endured everything. As the war went on, more men volunteered to fight, I think, because of their leader.

George Washington led his army into battles knowing they would lose. Yet he still continued train his men as best as he could, keeping their morale up during disheartening times. He was a strong leader, an able man, who would die for his country if he had to. A man of character, George Washington cared for his men and family, who he tried to spend time with while fighting and leading a war. When Congress asked him to become president, at first Washington declined saying that he was retiring to spend time at home with his family, but then reconsidered.
What I think separates George Washington from many other men was that he was also a man of God. In Valley Forge, for many hours during the night, no one could find Washington. When a scout party was sent out, they found him on his knees looking toward heaven, praying. I admire George Washington for his valor, and great compassion and mercy he demonstrated. Even if we are not in the same situations as Washington, I think that we still need to exhibit leadership and compassion, while still remembering who is in charge.

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