The last Night in the Desert

April 24, 2009
By Anonymous

I see a man in camo at a desk,
Who's name I dare not request,
His attire speaks it all,
I need not to ask about what he does in the mall,
I approach him and say "What are the benefits anyway".

He looks me in the eyes and tells me, "The ULTIMATE prize"
If you go on this quest, carry your weapon of choice,
You're parents hearts will fill with rejoice,
It may not seem like it at first, but you will make them proud.

I sign a piece of paper that I had no idea would cause so much pain,
I tell my parents at my house, But I see only tears heavy as rain,
My friends are extremely mad, telling me this was really dumb
But I know their is nothing I can do as I twiddle my thumbs.

Finally the day has come, I must take my leave from my loved ones,
Thousands leave like I, Millions begin to cry,
Mothers wave goodbye with tears in my eyes, Fathers finally begin to show Pride.
I look back at all my decisions and wonder how this one will turn out.

I wonder if I will get a purple heart, or even come back alive.
The desert is a hot, barrened wasteland, and there is nothing out here,
Nothing but the loose dry sand.
We all talk and get to know one another,
Just like we have become brothers

We don't see a thing and this is good, We dig our rabbit holes and get undressed.
He weapons never leave our side and this is a comforting sign.
We all rest easy for the night to come. As we know one of us looks like a bum,
We try to build a friendship and trust with each other so we laugh and we tease,
as we try to reduce the tension with a squeeze.

As the Night reaches the darkest of all we sleep, all in all.
This will be are biggest downfall,
With our guards down, The enemies timing is perfect,
They point guns at us like a group on convicts.

In the distance I here guns go off but none of ours.
In my head I picture me behind bars,
A foreign language is being yelled then bullets putting flesh and blood in the dirt,
Then all my senses make me alert,

I pick my weapon up quickly while the man in black has his guard down,
I fire Multiple bullets and he falls to the ground.
With his Blood on my hands,
I retreat into the shadows of no mans land.

Traumatized and scared, I walk the desert alone.
I really wish I had a phone.
The sun breaks the horizon hours later,
I now know what it feels like to be Darth Vader.

My vision is fading from my eyes
A circle engulfing me with blackness and I am not afraid to die.
I see no light at the end of a tunnel.
But all I ever wanted to do was cuddle.
I have lived my life with no regrets so I can let go and rest easy.

The author's comments:
I was thinking about Hero's that have died for us to live, But that we do not or have not acknowledged. The Forgotten Heroes

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