My Hero

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

A hero is defined as someone who is admired for their vast achievements and gracious traits. Heroes are looked up to by people of all ages. They have many traits which make them the perfect role models. Many people in the world are considered heroes, but this causes many disputes among people who have different opinions of heroic traits. Mother Teresa is considered to be a hero too. Mother Teresa has the values that heroic figures should possess. Mother Teresa has both courage and loyalty, two main qualities of a hero.

First, Mother Teresa has the trait of courage. Mother Teresa devoted her life to helping those in need. Often, the citizens she helped were outcasts of society, but she looked past that. She saw them in need and knew it was her obligation to help them. She started The Missionaries of Charity. This charity helped many of the things society considered a burden to them: cloth the naked, feed the hungry, cure the sick, give home to the homeless, etc. Though many people could have also shunned Mother Teresa for helping the unwanted, she found the courage and strength to follow her heart and help. A particular group of people she helped was those diagnosed with the disease leprosy. This group of people was shunned from society because the disease was contagious and abnormal. Mother Teresa did not care about these features; she set up many clinics in order to help these people. Though she put herself at risk of catching this disease, she was brave enough to put herself in danger. She also traveled around the world preaching about the works of the Lord. Many people take offense when talking about Jesus Christ and criticized her, but she had the courage to stand up for her beliefs.

In addition, Mother Teresa exemplifies the characteristic of loyalty. Mother Teresa depicts the quality of loyalty. Her life was devoted to God. Throughout her acts of mercy, she never lost the faith she had in the Lord. She knew that his strength would give her the power to help all those in need. Though she could have ignored God’s calling to her, she remained loyal to Him throughout her whole life. Mother Teresa was also loyal to the people surrounding her. She followed the Lord’s saying: do onto others as you would want to be done to you. She treated everyone with the respect they deserved. Though many people she helped were outsiders, she remained loyal to their needs and helped them in every way she could. Loyalty is an important characteristic of a hero.

Mother Teresa did not want any recognition for her work. Her credence was that God was the only important person who needed to know of her deeds. Though she received many awards and was grateful for them, that is not the reason she performed her acts of mercy. She did them to follow the will of God. She knew the hardships that those suffering had to deal with, and she only wanted to help redeem their lives. She preached that others need to help those in need, but she did not gloat or exaggerate her own life works.

All heroes contain the qualities of courage and loyalty, but only some perform their actions because of aspiration for praise Mother Teresa portrayed what it means to have courage. She fought causes that were known to be impossible and dangerous. She was known for the loyalty they had toward others. Understanding that others are in need of your mercy is also an important trait of a heroic figure. Mother Teresa did not care about the gratification; she did her works of mercy in order to please the Lord and to help those in need.

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