My Hero

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Hero to me, when I just hear the word, comes off as Superman or Wonder Woman, but when I truly think of the word "hero" I think of my sister Katie. She has been through so much in her lifetime and is such a strong person for it.

Katie is actually my half-sister after her dad and my mom split when she was real young. This wasn't easy on her, growing up with divorced parents, but then my mom married my dad, who was a great father figure for her. Her real dad was in and out of jail so she was always with us. Throughout high school, Katie got into a lot of trouble and even got sent away for awhile. None of us could get through to her. That was when she got pregnant.

After Katie found out she was pregnant, her whole life turned around. She cleaned up her act, got a job, and moved in with her boyfriend. She now has a beautiful boy named Isaac who everyone in the family adores. I look up to my big sister for finally getting on her feet after all that she went through.

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