There For You

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Kathy W... Bella Swan. Rosa Parks. Kara E... There are more, but not as great. Heroes all of them. My mother, Kathy, who made it through torment and family fights, is amazingly still intact. Bella, who is actually from a book, but fought for what she wanted and made it happen. Rosa stood not only for herself but for her people. No, she fought for all people, everyone. Then Kara, my 19 year old twin, practically, based on our experiences of rape depression and so much more. They are my main heroes. They help me make my way through in life. Leave my mark and fight for my cause, which sometimes changes, but never strays, from simply proving myself and who I can be. No matter how far I get knocked down. They help me up. Help me consider options and sometimes I fail, but no matter what I know, with them by my side, I will succeed.

The author's comments:
My mom is amazing and so is my sister. this is for them, we fight alot, but we care. I love you guys!!

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