Family Full of Heroes

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I really have two heroes, my mom and my brother. My mom is my hero because she has had to do
everything since my papa died. She has always been there for me when I had problems with friends and
boys, but she was especially there for me when I acted awful towards her. After my papa's death, I
think I sort of blamed her. I became spoiled rotten and wanted everything and I usually got it. But
over time I realized that the one thing I wanted, I would never get again, and she can't change
that. Which brings me to my brother. We've become much closer over the last year, since my grandpa
died, and he's become like a father figure to me. There was a time when we weren't so close, and
I looked down on what he was doing with his life. Colin was there when my papa died, so I think that
scarred him. He turned to drugs and partying. He got in trouble quite a lot, even crashing his
beautiful cadillac and almost breaking his nose, when he was driving drunk. But that's not why
he's my hero. After all of that, he grew up and also straightened up. Now he's a hard working
cook who likes to spend his extra time hanging out watching movies with his girlfriend. I'm proud
to be in a family with people who have gone through a lot but still managed to make it through.

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