January 15, 2009
By Vicdevareaux Bradley Bradley, Logan, UT

"Ugh I hate this job" mentioned Jon in the melody of some classic rock song which was playing on
the radio. Jonathan was my partner and brother ever since I entered the force back in 72, I trusted
that man with my life, but that all change back close afterward the turn of the millennium. It was a
dark cold night, with wind that cut through the holes and cracks of our squad car that made the car
an ice box with wheels. It never really bothered me but then again Jon was always on the side of the
car where most of the cracks and holes were, but sitting in our squad looking into the dark empty
streets, that was broken up by the dim street lights that seem to go into a forever hell that was
infested with criminals, murderers and anyone else that feel in between this sinful bracket.

As eight o'clock rolls around, Jon starts his usual tangent on how we (being Jon and I) should
start a business and move out of the city with Larisa (his wife) and the baby that's on the way.
And start a small restaurant and branch out and become so rich to where what to spending our money
will soon become a problem. It was one that I always didn't mind listening to compared to his
other he discussed like for example when Jesus will return, what he would do if he was Jesus, and
how Jesus isn't real.

But thinking about that small business that Jon keeps bringing up. A small restaurant on the corner
of some small town and the sun shining over the small hilltops, which with the sun setting covers
the town in an orangish shade, and the smell of fresh cut grass and the noise of children playing in
the street (kicking cans, playing catch and/or street hockey) is a relieving thought. Like a home
away from hell.

(Radio) "Unit 21 Unit 21 you read?"!!!!."Ugh!!.And here we go" "Yeah we read
ya what is it this time... A mugging...Break in... no wait I know a murder?... right?" said
Jonathan with a confidence knowing that he already knows what happened. (Radio)"You called it unit
21! 187 (homicide). Mmmm thought so well let's move out, "where's the 187 reported?"
(Radio) "Rosewood and 32nd street unit 21!. Oh and unit 32 has been dispatched as well"
"alright thanks over and out" "ugh!. Where the hell this city going" ask Jon nodding his
head with an annoyed look on his face. "Hell if I know man!.I'm guessing hell?" as we turned
the corner in an anticipation of finding a mangled corpse with not a penny to it's name

we slowly continued down the small narrow alley type street with that's covered in a empty bare
beer bottles and rats. "There!" yelled to Jon and there stuffed in a old garbage can that was
half full with garbage and him filling the rest of it. "I'll go check it out since I'm already
freezing my butt off" and as Jon crawled out of the car he looked back and said "tell unit 32
that we already here" then proceeded to investigating what was stuffed into the garbage can, then
a voice yelled "JON!!" then Jon turned around and so did I. then I saw a figure raise his rifle
then I saw the snow scatter around him as he fired two rounds in our direction then I took cover and
drew my gun and jumped out of the car and aimed towards the streetlight where he was and all I saw
was where he shot the two round then I turned around and found Jon clenching his throat crawling to

"JON!" I cried out I ran back to the squad car and yelling into the radio "MAN DOWN!! 10-99!!
OFFICER DOWN!!" Then I ran to Jon hoping that shots weren't serious shots but as I got close to
him I already knew he wasn't going to make it. Then I sat there with him telling him empty lies
"Jon you're going to be fine, we're going to make it, talk to me Jon" then Jon said to me
"Michael!.Please take care of Larisa, get her out of this city please" then coughing up more
blood, and looking at the sky with an empty look I could tell Jon wasn't there anymore. I closed
his eyes and then waited there with him until the ambulance arrived so they could tell me what I
already know.

I won't ever forget that night. But I made sure that I did what he asked of me with his last
breather. Now his wife and beautiful girl lives in Pennsylvania, and well for me I'm still stuck
out here. For Jon's murder case it went for 8 months and nothing came up no leads, no suspects
nothing but I kept digging driving up and down the same street that me and Jon would be patrolling
but with not being beside me that squad car does actually get cold but then again he was the one to
fill the holes with all the layers of jackets he wore

And with all this going on the doctor is telling me that I have some heart problem, don't know
what's wrong but don't really care right now. I'm just counting the days and nights until I
too am staring at the ceiling or sky with that empty stare that just tells anyone that there's no
one in that body that once was. Because the days seem duller and dead without my wife that left me
for some smuck that works for some bank in New Jersey, and without my kids that "don't give a
hell where or when I kick the bucket" that didn't bother me so much they took after their mother
side anyways. But searching for a man that took what was my brother, friend and best man this force
that the pleasure to have. Looking for him became my obsession but I think that ship is slowly
sinking along with my so call family.

But thinking I hear tips of who was Jon's killer just weren't good for anything leading me into
circles and right back where I started. So I slowly I lost hope on finding who killed Jon. But then
a new kid on the block some guy who's been kidnapping and killing little girls and he's been
getting his numbers high doing this. And just thinking about someone who does that deserves the dish
best served cold. A bullet through the back of the cranium. We've been following this guy for
quiet sometime now people have started to call him "the son" I don't know why but I don't
really care. But all the evidence that I've been collecting has been thinking it's the governors
son Ritchie is his name 25 years old. Still looks like a baby still. Funny looking guy, But I need
to be certain about it I mean if I take him down whether I'm right or wrong it just doesn't look
good. And I don't think the governor would appreciate it as well I think I would be sent to the
bottom of the ocean before I could say. Sorry I locked up your son for the rest of his days.

But tonight is my last night on the force so instead of thinking about that empty stare that I've
been waiting for, I'm mainly thinking about the hours going by, driving through random streets
just trying to kill time by going by my old house. And also driving down 32nd and Rosewood and
feeling the wind in my hair listening to the classic rock station. Reminding me of the good old
days, driving aimlessly into the city and thinking about soaking up the sun in California at my
summer house until I kick the bucket, and as I drive along the coast line down at the docks I notice
Unit 32 parked at one of the docks.

So I pulled in to see what was going on down there or if they were just getting baked again. Then as
I pulled up I saw Stevens there standing he was once my partner back then but we had our
differences. "What the hell you doing here Mic?" I turned my car off and the lights as well,
"just doing my job for the last night, what about you what are you doing here?" "nothing just
taking a break" I didn't suspect Stevens of doing anything just I know when he's lying,
"mm!wow I don't like the feeling of smoke being blown up my ass Stevens" I pulled out my gun
"now Stevens what are you doing here?" "I told you nothing" I pressed the barrel against his
head "alright there's going to be a raid on warehouse 7 we believe "the son" is there"
"oh that's all I wanted to know Stevens" "hey Mic take a deep breath man your almost pushing
60 and you got a bum ticker, I don't think you're in shape to save anyone on your own tonight"
" Yeah I think your right Stevens don't know what got into me" "well it's good to hear
some sense out of you" I turned and got him right as his glasses was In his hand he fell like a
nun receiving the holy spirit.

"what a hell of a way to start my retirement, what a way to end a career" I started to make my
way to warehouse seven, the chief was right. I don't know how many are here but all I know is that
I'm not about to let him scratch another tally on his wall. I'm approaching warehouse eleven and
I hear some guys talking, I would try to go around but I have to slowly follow that road down the
dock. So I peak around the corner to see what I'm dealing with, ugh Joseph Purticci and Dan Jones.
Two the dirty hands of the city that would do anything for anything. I Got to make it quiet, I
reached for an old steal bar I creep slowly behind the shadows, watching their movement and
controlling my breathing in sync with theirs. Then I swung with all my strength and hit Joseph down
(the muscle of the two) then caught Dan in front with the bar to the ear and caught Dan as he was
falling so he could avoid falling on the trash can and making more noise that I already need.
"Agh, my heart is acting up again, just breath old man!. She needs you, just catch up with your
heart, your medicine take your pills and slow down. I can't be working myself up by swinging bars
into peoples heads. No need to be quiet anymore I'm almost there anyways" I pulled my gun while
clenching my heart. "no need for quiet now, he needs to hear what's coming for him" I
continued down the dock sending souls where they belong along the way to warehouse seven" then as
I reached the warehouse where the little girl should be I didn't hear screaming. Either I was just
in time or way too late. I approached from behind the ware house peaking in the warehouse to get a
glimpse if what I was here for was already getting cold and blue of death. I slowly made my way to
the front and peaked the corner and saw just another thug. I threw a rock to distract him, while I
made my way behind him and made his death as quickly and quietly as possible. Then I slowly
approached the door then I herd to what sounded like thunder then a sharp intense pain in my right
leg. "AAAGH!!"!. "so close and yet so far old man" two figure comes out of the shadows of
the warehouse I look closely and see one a little girl with a desert eagle pressed to her side.
"you know you've been called in, so I don't think you going too far" I slowly got up leaning
on my one leg. With my gun and looked and saw Ritchie clenching the gun and the girl. "I'll KILL
LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN" I threw my gun up and took aim and saw him take aim at me and I pulled the
trigger and wasn't sure what happen for a couple of moments and then saw him fall on the ground
and moments later his gun and hand following "AAGH!!MY HAND!!" I kicked his gun and hand away
and told the girl "don't look I don't want you to see this. Look away" she closed her eyes
and I looked back at Ritchie and was about to pull the trigger and

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