Michael Jackson- A True Legend

June 27, 2009
August 29, 1958: a legend was born.
June 25, 2009: a legend was taken away from us.
Michael Joseph Jackson was not only the "King of Pop" but the "Heart, Soul, and Foundation of all Dancing and Song Writing". Without him we would not have had all the wonderful artists we have today. Michael blessed us for many years with his wonderful, top of the chart songs; all the way from "ABC" to "Stranger in Moscow", he always came hard and each song hit us in the heart. Whether we rushed to the television to catch a video or cranked up the radio to hear his songs, we all loved him. Although Michael has left us, he will continue to live through his music. Forever will his music and dream stay alive. There can be no other Michael, he was a one of a kind. LONG LIVE MICHEAL JOSEPH JACKSON- MAY HIS SPIRIT FIND PEACE AND MAY HIS MUSIC LIVE FOREVER TOUCHING THE LIVES OF EVERYONE WHO HEARS IT.

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pk456 said...
Sept. 25, 2009 at 12:32 pm
love this sooo much...made me cry :'(
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