My Rodman Philbrook

June 22, 2009
By FuzzyKitty106 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
FuzzyKitty106 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Rodman Philbrook is my hero. I dont know if he will read this but he helped me. My father is pathalogical (believes in his oun lies) and abuseve to my mom when i was little, very little, about 4 or 5. we established a supervised relashonship that wound up us meet every sunday for 8 hours any ware, and unsupervised. I got tireed of his horrable lies and his "working" on our day. I stopped seeing him, I changed. I hated him, i never talked. Then i started reading Rodman Philbrook's novels. such as Freak the Mighty, Max the Mighty, and The Last Book in The Universe. I kept rereading them, it helped me. Now, instead of never talking, Rodman Philbrook has helped me through a hard time, and still does. I dont have the best relationship with my father, but the books helped. God Bless Good Daddys and Rodman Philbrook!

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