A Mother's love

December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Laura found out that her life was going to change forever through some test results on January 5th, 2007 at her doctor’s office.

Laura had always been a wonderful student and had always done everything to ensure that she would one day attend a fine college and obtain a degree and make something of herself. She had done everything in her power to avoid distractions that would change the plan she had for her life. But when she met Matt, she realized that he was one of those distractions. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was falling in love with Matt and her next challenge was deciding whether or not to take their relationship to the next level or not. Ultimately, her decision was to take it to that level.

She had thought about it for weeks…whether or not she was ready to become intimate with the love of her life. She knew that she loved him, and that she would never love anyone more then she loved Matt. This thought bounced around in her head for weeks, “I knew that it was wrong to have relations with Matt before marriage, but the love I felt in my heart but much stronger then the moral thoughts in my head,” said Laura. It had come to the point, where love was stronger then morals and Laura had to give in to what her heart wanted.

Throughout the next month, Laura had this horrible thought in her mind that wouldn’t go away. After much waiting, Laura decided that it was time for her to figure out what her life was going to become. She and her best friend Alice went to her doctor’s office to get the results that would eventually change her life. After taking the test, Alice and Laura sat together in the doctor’s office waiting and waiting. The doctor then came in with the news that made Laura drop to the floor…she was pregnant.

This news was devastating to Laura, and Alice couldn’t believe it. “I couldn’t believe that this had really happened, I seriously thought my life was over,” said Laura. The next step was to tell Matt, which she was absolutely dreading. After she told Matt, Matt immediately denied being the father of this child and told Laura that they couldn’t be together anymore. Her next challenge was deciding whether or not to keep the baby.

After much debating, Laura decided that she couldn’t abort her baby but that she could not keep it either. Nine months later, Laura gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which she named Rose. Laura's Mother came in and could see the love in Laura's eyes that she felt for her new beautiful baby girl. For the next six months, Laura tried her hardest to take care and raise her daughter. She juggled school, a job and being a Mother, and after struggling for six months she finally came to the decision that she could not raise Rose this way. She knew that Rose deserved better then this, and that she deserved to be in a home with two parents who can give her the best life possible.

Laura contacted an adoption agency and began looking through possible parents for her daughter. She finally came across a loving couple in North Carolina who had already adopted a son. They were the right couple. Laura knew in her heart that this couple would raise Rose the right way, and give her the life that she needed and deserved to have.
The couple traveled to Washington and met with Laura and her parents, to start the adoption process. After everything was completed, the dreadful time came when Laura had to pass on her daughter to another person. “As I began walking towards the new mother of my daughter, I kept thinking how when she called for her Mommy she wouldn’t be calling for me. That thought just killed me.,” Laura explained to me. But as she handed the baby into the arms of this other woman, she felt this sudden peaceful feeling. She knew she was giving her daughter to a woman who would love her for the rest of her life.

Even though this was the hardest thing that Laura ever had to do she knew that her daughter was in good hands. She knew that she could never have given Rose the kind of life that she deserved, and did the honorable thing and did what was truly best for her child. She thought of her child first, not herself.

Today, Rose is a happy bouncing infant who is thriving with her new family. Laura receives letters every now and then, and pictures of the daughter that she gave up. Every once in awhile, Laura wishes she would have been able to keep her daughter, but at the same time realizes that this was the very best thing for her daughter.

The author's comments:
This article is based on a true story about a dear friend of mine. I am so proud to have been able to write this in her honor, and I dedicate this article to her.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Names have been changed.

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