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June 13, 2009
By YoItsLauren! BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
YoItsLauren! BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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My Mom. A woman I spend a lot of time arguing with over little things that make a teenage girl like me mad. But I also spend a great deal of time loving my mom, for no matter how heated things get between us she still manages to care and love me like I never did anything. My mom has the wrinkles and lines in her face just like any moms have but I don’t think of them as aging marks forming below her eyes. I look at them as proof that I mom stayed up with me night after night trying to rock me to asleep when I was a baby. And they provide evidence that on my first steps, first day of school, and all my many accomplishments that she smiled so big it made lines in her face. Now, as I am almost sixteen I’m thankful for everything my mom has done for me in a change way because of what has recently happened in our family.
In January my mom told me she would be spending the next couple months fighting breast cancer. I had never had anyone in my family have breast cancer so at that moment all I could do was cry. I was totally baffled that my mom, a healthy and amazing woman that never dissevered anything like this to happen to her, has breast cancer. But I’ve learned that any woman can get breast cancer and it’s hard sometimes to overcome it. However, I came to realize that my mom was going to win this battle and in the end she would be a lean mean breast cancer fighting machine and nothing was going to stop her!
Now it’s almost July and my mom is a woman filled with hope, perseverance, faith and passion. I love her differently at this time because never once has she fallen down along this road of surgeries, doctor’s appointments and time spent laying down at home. I look at her and see a hero. A hero that is going to display hope for any lady that is overcoming breast cancer or an illness.

The author's comments:
A mom is someone so much more than a woman that give birth to you and raised you. Shes a symbol of love for she puts up with us kids everyday with a smile on her face.

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